Automation and Controls Technician (Technician II)

  Automation and Controls Technician (Technician II)
Permanent Full Time

Job Summary:

Automation and Controls Technician (Technician II)

(Hazardous Locations Certification and Testing Group)

CSA Group

Vacancy # 2989

Job Location: Cleveland, Ohio

CSA Group has an immediate opportunity for an Automation and Controls Technician (Technician II in the Hazardous Locations Certification and Testing Group) in the Cleveland, Ohio area

Job Summary:
Conducts actual test programs and prepares the associated documentation on electrical and gas products, gas detection instruments, and explosion proof product samples to determine their compliance to applicable requirements. The technician will also develop, modify, and troubleshoot lab automation hardware and software. Assumes responsibility for the completion of assigned projects within negotiated time and cost schedules. Generally works with moderate supervision reporting to a Hazloc Lead.
Primary Responsibilities:
Develop, modify, and troubleshoot laboratory automation control and data acquisition systems (hardware and software), serving as a primary resource for automation related subjects.
Conduct a wide range of tests on sample equipment, to determine compliance with applicable standards in accordance with work orders issued by project holders. Conduct routine tests independently; act as an assistant in complex or unusual tests, under guidance from senior staff or project holder.
Set up, install and operate a wide range of industrial electrical and electronic equipment to prepare it for testing or to prepare equipment to be used as laboratory control and data acquisition instrumentation.
Troubleshoot and repair electric/electronic circuits to continue testing.
Design and build test jigs and fixtures as required for product testing. Operate shop machinery such as table saw, hand saw, hand drill, drill press, metal bending and cutting machines, and some manual machining using lathe and milling machine as required
Physically move and configure heavy test samples and test equipment. Assemble and disassemble test samples, configure and operate laboratory test equipment for testing.
Examine sample equipment to determine acceptability and compliance with applicable requirements and discusses results with Certifier and client. Note and record substandard construction and performance of products which may appear before or during the tests and refer them to Certifier or manager for further investigation.
Perform mathematical calculations required to summarize test results. Relate test results to product specification.
Record technical data, develop and maintain detailed test reports.
Maintain good housekeeping of tools, equipment and work area following tests and carry out assigned laboratory clean-up duties.
Develop proposals for equipment purchase, maintenance and operation instructions.
Assumes responsibility for the completion of assigned projects within negotiated time and cost schedules.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Qualifications and Skills:
Diploma of Technology in Electrical / Electronics or an Associates degree in Engineering Technology or related technical field
1-3 years proven competency in a technical capacity with CSA or equivalent practical experience.
Proven experience in the design, modification, and troubleshooting of industrial and laboratory automation and data acquisition system hardware and software
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Ability to coordinate and communicate activities with other members of the certification team, with proven ability to work with minimum supervision
Detail oriented and strong problem solving ability
Knowledge of testing equipment, power and hand tools
Mechanical and electrical aptitude
Concentration required to work with electricity and conduct testing; uses sense of sight, touch, hearing and smell to assess results of testing; shock/energy/heat/mechanical hazards and exposure to toxic materials
General (working) knowledge of chemistry, gases, and vapors is a plus
Must be able to read and interpret engineering drawings and test data. Must have thorough knowledge of laboratory instrumentation, including operating principles and calibration procedures, as well as general laboratory procedures.
Must be self-motivated and client-service oriented.
Knowledge of Microsoft systems such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

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