Specialist, Education and Training

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The key responsibilities of this position are to provide OMERS stakeholders with external face to face education and training to facilitate the OMERS strategic plan and administration of the OMERS Pension Plan(s). As an OMERS ambassador, the Education and Training Specialist must present a professional image of the OMERS Administration Corporation with all external and internal stakeholders alike. The Education and Training Specialist position requires a team player who demonstrates a desire to provide first in class service to all OMERS stakeholders. The Education and Training Specialist is also required to deliver formal employer group training sessions as needed. The position also necessitates a willingness to travel across Ontario, visiting stakeholder sites, as needed. Also focus on maintaining/enhancing existing relationships and developing new ones with key OMERS decision makers and administrators from all OMERS stakeholders. Internally, the focus will be to provide support and training to Client Services and the e-Form 119 process to all applicable areas within Pension Services.


The key areas of responsibility are directly related to OMERS Core Competencies and are as follows:

Technical Expertise
Remain current on regulatory/policy changes relating to the OMERS Pension Plan(s), and participate in the development of external presentation and training programs for all OMERS stakeholders.
Plan and schedule presentations, on-site visits and client calls for assigned stakeholder groups.
Support Pension Services by acting as the designated employer contact for assigned stakeholder groups.
Acquire a good understanding of other department functions related to administration of the OMERS Pension Plan(s), in order to provide education and training to assigned stakeholder groups.
Communicate both verbally and in written form in a professional manner
Take on other duties as assigned, and depending on the initiative could report directly to another Manager in Pension Services.
Work co-operatively with the Managers, peers and all OMERS staff in conducting needs assessments, development/delivery of face to face education and training to all stakeholders.

Focus on Client
Deliver education and training session to stakeholders in a high-energy, engaging, professional and welcoming manner.
Demonstrate good judgment and tact when dealing with both internal and external stakeholders in a face to face environment.
Provide prompt, accurate information, in a courteous, professional manner to both internal and external stakeholders. This may require working additional hours outside of normal business hours (evenings and weekends), as required to meet objectives.
Ensure Manager is advised when assigned work may not meet defined service standards or the expectation of a stakeholder may not be met and when there is capacity to take on extra work.
Investigate contentious stakeholder issues, and take appropriate proactive action in a timely manner, including keeping management team informed of status.
As an ambassador of OMERS, maintain a professional level of rapport and appearance at all times
Execute the annual Education and Training Business Plan by the delivery of external and internal education and training programs including, but not limited to AVCs, suite of regional meetings (member, employer and retiree), internal and external e-Form 119 training and reactive employer/union/association meeting requests and special issues as required.
Deliver consistent key messages as per OMERS overall communication strategy
When needed, promote external sessions using various methods through existing and/or by the development of new relationships with stakeholders.
Demonstrate sound judgment and diplomacy when dealing with stakeholder issues in order to provide timely, accurate responses and mitigate risk to the plan.

For external training and presentation programs, identify knowledge/skill gap issues (deficiencies, concerns) and determine if additional messaging/training is required.
Develop and implement Level 1 and 2 evaluations for all external and internal face to face programs.
Ensure a CTS records are created for all stakeholder sessions.

Team Work
Work co-operatively with peers by providing regular updates on assigned area initiatives.
Share information and communicate in an open, honest and professional manner, with all applicable internal areas to minimize inefficient usage of resources, ensuring objectives are met.
Develop and maintain an effective working relationship with all applicable internal areas, and with all external stakeholders.
Keep management team informed by providing immediate feedback on sensitive stakeholder issues.
Uphold and demonstrate OMERS Vision and Core Values when dealing with both internal and external stakeholders.
Coordinate the communication with the stakeholders on problems and resolutions related to how the OMERS Pension Plan is administered.
Continually develop, strengthen and maintain constant direct lines of communication with Managers and Directors in Pension Services to ensure coordination of service delivery.
Work co-operatively within the department/ branch / division/ corporation to achieve group and organization goals.
Participate in the development/maintenance of a positive, results-oriented team environment by remaining current of expectations and working co-operatively with peers.
Seek opportunities to connect directly with OMERS staff via issue based problem solving and/or project work.


A minimum of 5 years of experience in pension administration.
PPAC designation or working towards.
University degree or college diploma required; accreditation in training and/or adult education is as asset.
Strong knowledge of pension plan benefits and administration preferred.
Strong knowledge of adult education learning principles, theories and best practices preferred
Strong working knowledge of training related tools/software/equipment.
Project management skills or experience is an asset.
Exceptional communication skills (interpersonal, written, and verbal with a focus on plain language).
Superior presentation skills.
Ability to motivate other staff and provide recognition as appropriate within the training setting.
Ability to establish priorities taking into consideration a variety of competing interests.
Ability to utilize today's technology to optimize the delivery of training to stakeholders
Demonstrated commitment to personal development and life long learning.

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