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Job order - J0420-0614 - Permanent (Continuing)
Title Film and Media Technician
Category Other Professionals
City Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Job Description Film and Media Technician

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Job Summary
1. Give a short summary of the duties and responsibilities of your job

Staff the equipment room during open hours and/or coordinate the staffing of work-study students.

Daily inspection and testing on returned equipment and perform preventive maintenance as necessary.

Assist in the maintenance of the building security system by scheduling door access to film and media rooms, monitoring room openings and closures, issuing FOBs to staff, students or faculty, and cancelling lost or stolen FOBs within the on-line electronic system.

Set up, provide support for and troubleshoot software and hardware in the computer-based facilities used by students and faculty for video post-production and multimedia production.

Support students by troubleshooting post-production processes.

Support students with post-production workflows.

Assist in classroom technology set up or troubleshooting when needed.

Liaise with software companies regarding purchasing, upgrades, and technical support.

Maintain and update Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects), and post-production software (Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, Blender)

Maintain and update Motion graphics, Visual effects, Final Cut Pro, and ProTools software packages.

Provide support for other departmental computing facilities, as requested by the Department Head or Senior Technician.

Run demonstration workshops on the use of software, editing aesthetics and techniques, and specialized software-based production skills (for example: colour correction, DCP creation, motion graphics, animation).

Run demonstration workshops on Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects), and post-production software (Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, Blender), in support of faculty.

Run demonstration workshops on the use of Motion graphics, Visual effects, Final Cut Pro, Apple Logic Pro X and/or Reaper, and ProTools software packages, in support of faculty.

Run demonstration workshops on editing, animation, and post-production, in support of faculty.

Maintain the booking system for editing suites, other production labs, and the equipment room.

Conduct daily checks of the editing suites, Digital Media Lab and other production labs.

Attend Production Committee meetings, which are typically once per month. Participate by providing advice and help to establish best practices in the department with regards to software usage, media management and other post-production needs.

Provide orientation on the use of software packages, as well as support and troubleshooting for individual students at all undergraduate levels and other clients using the labs.

Use a ladder or lift to access the lighting grids in the Production Studio and in the Art and Media Lab, when necessary, for Film and Media or Cultural Studies projects.

Job Description
2. To fulfill your duties what knowledge, skills and specialized techniques are required? How would each be normally acquired? How long would it take to become proficient in each of the areas of your work?

Knowledge of all areas of video and digital production is required, which is normally acquired through a 3-year post-secondary diploma program. Further experience in film, video, digital production, electronics and/or computer engineering is an asset.

The ability to communicate well in an instructional situation is needed, as the Technician assists students in developing practical skills. Experience with CMS or computerized booking and circulation systems would be an asset.

Experience in video editing is an asset.

Abilities or interest in learning network/system administration is an asset.

Animation skills are an asset.

Good understanding of computer and audio hardware are an asset.

A good understanding of electrical, mechanical and electronic basics is required. The use of a multimeter and soldering equipment is required. Other skills required include the safe use of hand and power tools for the maintenance of facilities and equipment.

3. Is it necessary in this position to oversee the work of or to instruct other staff? Is so what does this involve?

This position does not oversee the work of or instruct other staff, but the Technician will work with work-study students and interns who assist in the staffing of the Vulnerable Media Lab and the Department Archives.

4. What other people must you deal with in this job and why? (i.e. is there direct contact with students, teaching staff, other departments, people outside the university community)

There is direct contact with students at graduate and undergraduate levels for the allocation and orientation of equipment as described above.

There is also direct communication with the Senior Technician, the Production Committee, departmental staff and faculty, as well as interaction with the Technical Director and staff at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. Interaction with staff from other Queen’s Departments such as Music, Drama and Cultural Studies may be required at times.

5. How is your work assigned to you and how closely is your work checked by someone else?

Work is normally assigned orally or in writing and checked as necessary by the Senior Technician. Typically, day-to-day work is self directed. Work may also be assigned directly by the Department Head or the Departmental Administrator.

6. a) Are the sorts of problems encountered in this job usually covered by established procedures or do you frequently have to develop or invent solutions to problems yourself?

Repair work may require the diagnosis of problems in hardware and software, including evolving video and digital systems for which there is little or no documentation available.

b) Are you involved in establishing standard procedures? (Give examples)

The Technician is encouraged to be pro-active in assessing and evaluating service needs, and in submitting suggestions for improvements to equipment and technical operations and procedures.

7. a) What is the size of your department (i.e. # of classes for which you are involved with labs, # of students, # of staff you might come in contact with, # of technicians in department)

There are three technicians in the Department. There are also eleven full-time faculty and five term adjunct positions in addition to part-time teaching staff, whom the Technician may be called on to assist, in addition to part-time teaching staff. The Technician is most closely involved with the production course FILM 250 (120 students), and 4-5 upper-year production courses annually (20-32 students each). Occasionally, clients may also come from other Queen’s Departments, such as The Dan School of Music and Drama and Cultural Studies.

b) What kind of equipment or material are you responsible for? Are you solely responsible for it and what is its approximate value?

The position carries responsibility for the following, under the supervision of the Senior Technician:

Camera and lighting equipment $250,000
Sound equipment $50,000
Computer and editing equipment $125,000
Classroom and viewing equipment $40,000

8. Give details of any unusual factors affecting this job, i.e. hazards, unusual working conditions, requirement for a high degree of manual dexterity etc.

This position is physically demanding at times. Extended periods of standing, bending, lifting, and lifting overhead are required. Working at heights in the Production Studio and the Art and Media Lab will be required on occasion.

Fine manual dexterity is required for intricate repairs and soldering.

9. Do you have any general comments about this position which may not be covered by the preceding questions?

The technologies used in the production of video and new media are evolving rapidly, and the person in this position must be willing and able to keep abreast of current equipment, software and techniques. This may involve taking formal instruction, pursuing independent study, and communication with other users in industry and education.

A commitment and special attention to safety issues is required, especially in the equipment room during busy circulation times.

This work involves juggling multiple priorities of a time-sensitive nature. The high degree of interaction with students for the purpose of individual technical support results in frequent disruptions to other work, thus requiring excellent organizational skills, good concentration, flexibility and human relations skills.

Excellent and safe equipment handling skills are required.

Employment Equity and Accessibility Statement

The University invites applications from all qualified individuals. Queen’s is committed to employment equity and diversity in the workplace and welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The University provides support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that takes into account an applicant's accessibility needs. Candidates requiring accommodation during the recruitment process are asked to contact Human Resources at

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