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Project Engineer

Position ID:
Job Title:
Project Engineer
Job Type:
Full-Time Hourly
City, Province, Country:
Raleigh, Lancaster, Mobile, Alabama, United States
Job Category:
Open Positions:
Posting Date:
November 3, 2021
Closing Date:
November 30, 2021

The Project Engineer is responsible for system design, design coordination with customer, equipment & material selection, submittal review, installation drawings, review of subcontractor scopes of work developed by the Salesperson, and internal engineering planning. The equipment and material should match the original estimate as much as possible in terms of cost and committed time requirements; however, deviations due to required performance, specifications, and codes may be required to meet contractual obligations and shall be discussed with Project Management.

Candidate can work from home or the Mobile, AL, Raleigh, NC or Lancaster, PA offices.

Role Responsibilities


Below is a list of responsibilities that the Project Engineer is responsible for. These may be completed by the Project Engineer, or tasked to members of the Project Engineering Team under their oversight. This may include other assisting Engineers, Designers, and/or Modelers.

1. Project Transmittal Review
a. Verify that CIMCO’s estimate matches the contractual obligations for the project. (Typically includes CIMCO’s proposal for design-build, or customer plans and specifications for bid-spec, but other supporting documents may be referenced.)
b. Ensure Sales have included proper written quotes for:
• All major equipment
• CIMCO manufactured products (i.e. Packages, Skids, Panels, Automation)
• Major materials (such as valves) if not in standard estimate pricing
• All sub-contractors (electrical, insulation, civil, outside engineering, etc)
c. Identify any missing information, discrepancies, qualifications, objections or problem areas. Advise sales in writing of these issues before the Kick-Off meeting.

2. Actively Participate in Project Meetings
Facilitate initial meeting with Sales and Construction. Include CAG or Service if applicable.
a. Determine current project status (Fully Released, Released for Long Lead, Released for Engineering Only).
b. Ensure that any discrepancies from contract transmittal review are addressed.
c. Review potential to utilize CIMCO kitting and/or custom pre-fabrication.
d. Determine Project Phases (if applicable)
e. In conjunction with the Construction Department establish achievable dates for:
• Major equipment & other long lead materials
• Factory pre-fabrication orders
• Subcontractor orders
• Customer submittals (if applicable)
• Short lead installation materials (pipe & fittings, steel, etc.)
• 30/60/90% design review with Sales, Construction & CAG.
• Construction Binder, if not possible to have all deliverables at then determine when particular drawings or other deliverables are required
• On site Construction Schedule (by Construction Superintendent)
• Commissioning to establish when start-up materials will be needed (refrigerant, oil, glycol/brine, pipe labels, etc)
• Project handover and closeout documentation

f. Ensure all relevant information discussed is included in the Project Status Report.

3. System Design
Complete detailed system design to meet project scope requirements.
a. Review for additional or different scope obligations that may be listed in signed customer contract or change orders.
b. Review any load calculations
c. Complete detailed engineering calculations, equipment sizing/selection, piping design, line sizing & valve selections.
d. Prepare coordination drawings for package equipment, vessels, stands, support steel
e. Prepare field construction drawings including P&ID, Layouts, Sections, Isometrics.
f. Prepare custom pre-fabrication piping and support drawings.
g. Throughout design investigate for potential cost saving improvements while ensuring design does not result in warranty operational issues.

4. Requisitioning
Requisition of long and short lead project materials for a project using SAP project builder. (Does not include procured by Construction including cranes & equipment rentals, tools, safety equipment, consumables, lines “d”, “e”, and “f”, etc.)
a. Develop project builder work breakdown structure (WBS) in SAP
b. Requisition package equipment from Manufacturing (if applicable)
c. Requisition major equipment in project builder (compressors, evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, etc.)
d. Requisition long and short lead materials for factory pre-fabrication (if applicable)
e. Requisition long and short lead materials for site delivery
(including valves, pipe, fittings, support steel, gaskets, paint, pipe labels, etc)
f. Requisition start up materials (including oil & secondary coolants)
g. Requisition Approve sub contractors (wiring, insulation, concrete, etc.) and scope of work and any permitting requirements.

5. Deliverables
a. Customer Submittals (if required)
b. Construction Binders including
• Relevant contract documents and customer correspondence
• Customer plans and specifications (if applicable)
• CIMCO installation drawings, supplier information, and special instructions that facilitate Construction accurately and efficiently completing field installation.
• Regulatory compliance information including permits and registrations, as well as supporting documentation like piping MTR’s, vessel data reports, etc.
• Initial SAP YJOB_RPT for the material ordered & POs for major equipment to ensure Construction staff are able directly contact vendors to coordinate delivery, tracking, and expediting of material or follow up on missing or damaged materials
c. Commissioning Binders including
• Relevant contract documents and customer correspondence
• Relevant drawings, supplier information, and any other instructions required for Service to accurately and efficiently commission installation.
d. Applicable Commissioning sheets partially completed with available equipment information.

6. Communications / Coordination
a. From dates agreed to in Kick-off meeting and subsequent project meetings establish and maintain an internal project engineering plan.
b. Identify any new action items (e.g. Project Revisions, RFI’s, RFQ’s, & CO’s)
c. Discuss with Engineering Manager any relevant issues including need for additional engineering staffing resources to maintain engineering plan.
d. Sales are to be informed if a cost center for that project is expected to exceed the estimate by 5%. Issues that cannot be agreed to by Sales are to be escalated to Engineering Supervisor and if necessary Director of Engineering
e. Issue request for information (RFI) to consultants/clients as necessary
f. Issue drawings for client/consultant (if applicable) approval
g. Liaise with and issue required information to applicable authorities to obtain pressure piping permit and/or registration.
h. Work with relevant sub-contractors to ensure they have necessary information required to obtain any necessary permitting to do their work.
i. Review Package, Panel, Automation drawings before releasing to Manufacturing
j. Communicate with sales when a change order (CO) is required
k. Issue request for quote (RFQ) to sub contractors when necessary (wiring, insulation)
l. Host 30/60/90 % design review meetings with Sales, Construction & CAG
m. Review with Sales that system design meets performance
n. Review control methodology with Sales, Service, Packaging, CAG, & Panel Shop.
o. Review coordination with Packaging, Panel Shop, and CAG as well as other disciplines (electrical, mechanical, controls) to ensure that there are no conflicts with drawings or confusion regarding control philosophy.
p. Review for issues with construction
• Equipment, Design, Drawings
• Update Project Status Reports as needed
• Attend Project / Site meetings as applicable
q. Support Construction Superintendent/Field Worker with any design questions
r. Redesign system if design changes arise from investigation on site (as needed)
s. Advise owner of any special operational requirements or signage.
t. Incorporate revisions on drawings and redistribute to all relevant parties
(e.g. Customer, Manufacturing, Suppliers, Subcontractor, Construction)

7. Project Close-Out
a. Prepare as-built drawings once field revisions have been received
b. Issue O&M Binders within 3 weeks of receiving field revisions and completed commissioning sheets
c. Support service department in reviewing design concerns and providing recommendations

Required Professional Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications

Required Professional Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications
• Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.
• 5 years or more of experience (depending on the training received).
• Fresh graduates could be considered (according to experience)
• Training and / or experience with AutoCad and Revit (3D modeling).
• Ability to work with microcomputer.
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment.
• Knowledge of industrial refrigeration; Screw compressors, NH3, CO2, would be an asset.
• Knowledge of the SAP platform would be an asset.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Company Profile

CIMCO specializes in the engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service of complex thermal building solutions for industrial, process cooling and recreational refrigeration and mechanical systems. For more than 100 years, CIMCO’s leadership and unparalleled research, development and manufacturing programs has put us at the forefront of industry advancements and technological breakthroughs. Our professional engineers, technicians and designers apply innovative state-of-the-art equipment and refrigerants to develop systems that meet even the most complex thermal challenges.

We offer our employees excellent compensation, medical and dental benefit programs, retirement savings options, career development opportunities, mentoring and continuing education.

CIMCO is committed to creating an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can thrive. Together, we embrace diversity of thought, experience, and perspective, as we combine our unique skills and capabilities to drive successful outcomes for all stakeholders. As an equal opportunity employer, CIMCO provides accessibility accommodations during the recruitment process. Should require any accommodation, please let us know, and we will work with you to meet your needs.