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Are you looking for a dynamic work environment where you can gain useful and interesting experience? CIHR has what you need! The organization offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for students looking to enrich their experience while contributing meaningfully to the Canadian health research community.

Students can join the federal public service in several ways. Below are three programs that CIHR uses to hire students full-time during the summer and part-time the rest of the year.

CIHR is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and is committed to improving the representation of diverse groups throughout the organization. Visit the CIHR website to learn more about their commitment to having a workforce representative of the Canadian population.

Student Employment Programs in the Public Service

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

The FSWEP is the largest employment program in the federal public service. It is designed to provide full-time secondary and post-secondary students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within the federal public service. The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) manages the recruitment and recommendation of candidates for student jobs under the FSWEP. To this end, the PSC receives all initial applications directly from students and presents them to hiring managers upon request.

How to apply


Secondary and post-secondary students enrolled full-time in a recognized educational institution and who will return to full-time studies in the following semester. Students in their final year of full-time studies who do not intend to return to full-time studies remain eligible for part-time positions until graduation.

Duration of assignments and work schedule

Students can work part-time during the school year, and full-time or part-time during the summer or at other times outside of class time. Assignments may be extended as long as the student continues to meet the student employment eligibility criteria.

Learn more about the Federal Student Work Experience Program.

Post-Secondary Co-operative Education and Internship Program (Co-op Program)

The Co-op Program is designed to provide post-secondary students with employment opportunities related to their field of study, which will allow them to apply their academic knowledge in the workplace. The program requires a structured learning environment and performance reviews to ensure students acquire the knowledge they need to be accredited for their internship.


Full-time post-secondary students enrolled in a recognized educational program listed on the list of validated educational institutions and post-secondary programs. Also, students must return to full-time studies in the following semester.

Duration of assignments and work schedule

The school program determines the length and hours of work for each co-op/internship program.

Learn more about the Post-Secondary Co-op and Internship Program.

Research Assistant Program (RAP)

The RAP is designed to provide full-time, post-secondary students with applied research experience (design, execution, evaluation), where such knowledge and skills must be acquired for graduation. Students enrolled in this program work part-time on your research project while taking their courses. Their internship can last as long as the research project requires, as long as they remain eligible for the program.


Full-time students at a post-secondary institution enrolled in a program of study in which research is mandatory. Students must also return to full-time studies in the next semester of study.

Duration of assignments and work schedule

Full-time and part-time positions are available throughout the year. Students can work full-time or part-time during the summer (or at other times outside of class time) and part-time during the school year. Jobs can be extended as long as the student continues to meet the student employment eligibility criteria.

Learn more about the Research Assistant Program.

CIHR Student Recruitment

Sometimes CIHR offers student employment opportunities outside of the programs listed. These opportunities are posted on the Careers page of our website.

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