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J0519-1059Fundraising Campaign Leader - West Toronto, ONGTA WFundraising
J0619-0231Charity Ambassador- Retail & Door to Door- TorontoTorontoFundraising
J0619-0740Save the Children Charity Ambassador- Door to Door- GTATorontoFundraising
J0718-1051Retail Campaign Team Leader - Ottawa, ONOttawaField Leadership
J0119-0744Retail Campaign Leader - Winnipeg, MBWinnipegField Leadership
J0119-0739Retail Charity Ambassador - West Vancouver, BCVancouverFundraising
J1218-0867Retail Charity Ambassador - East Vancouver, BCVancouverFundraising
J0718-0409Campaign Team Leader - Toronto, ONTorontoField Leadership
J0718-0307Door to Door Charity Ambassador - Winnipeg, MBWinnipegFundraising
J0218-0537Retail Charity Ambassador - Ottawa, ONOttawaFundraising

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